Well, changing your home décor could be a tedious task. Festivals are almost here and all one can think of is decorating and re-designing homes, right? It’s all about the vibe, right? As they say, less is more. With just the right number of accessories, you can pretty much do a makeover of your house. The best option? Rugs! Well, it’s going to be chilly now, so rugs won’t only help in providing some warmth and a cozy vibe to your house but also stylize your rooms. It’s time to make the most out of them. Some of the different rugs that you can use to give a new brightened look to your décor are listed down below:

  1. Printed rugs – Well, if you are inclined towards basics like plain whites or black, you can go for some nice printed rugs, like floral or any other design. It will add an extra tough of color into your house and also create a nice contrast.

  2. Velvet rugs – Looking for that regal, royal look? Well, not to worry, with a nice velvet rug you can change the entire modern style of your room and give it an old vibe, like a vintage look. It’s good on the eye and also gives you warmth. You can sip your morning coffee while sitting on the rug and yes, you are good to go.

  3. Plain rugs – Well, minimalism is all that you need. If you think that our room is a bit too overcrowded and it needs a bit of a balance, then go for some nice colored but plain rugs. This doesn’t have to be boring. Going for a plain white or a blue rug, hand woven cotton rug that will help in giving your room a nice appearance. It will reduce the over-crowded look of your house and lighten it up.

  4. Mix and match – Well, it’s fun to play with rugs, when you can choose from checks to stripes or any other geometrical shape. You can use them to create a mélange of different shapes. This will change your room to a very contemporary style and add some chic factor to it.

The idea is to co-ordinate well with your room’s style. Rugs are a super affordable a chic way to ace your décor game, right?


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