Money spent intelligently, is money saved, right? Well, buying cooking wares is tedious task, one has to search for the best brand, quality, good value of money and whatnot. You don’t want waste all that hard work. It’s best to look after these expensive and useful things, to not to regret later. Especially, with things like your non-stick cookware. It’s your best friends in the days of festivals and also something that never disappoints you. Maintenance is utmost necessary. Since, you will be going to use them even more because festivals are on the corner, its best to look for some tips that will help you maintaining them. Some of these are listed down below:

  1. Pre-seasoning – It works as a non-stick cookware because food doesn’t stick to it. But you do need to lubricate the surface, so that the food doesn’t sticks to the base. Thus, before putting in your veggies or chicken, its best to pre-season the surface with some oil. This way, your food will get enough lubrication and your cookware will not be spoiled. Keep in mind to not just pour in the oil, because it will not only increase the unnecessary fats in your meal but also not evenly spread. It’s better to you a paper to spread it around evenly.

  2. No acidic food items at all – Avoid cooking acidic food items in your non-stick pan like lemons because if done regularly, they will tend to peel off the skin of the coating. Slowly, the acids will loosen the coating, and then, the entire setup will be ruined.

  3. Avoid using harsh metal spoons- The non-stick pans are much more sensitive than you regular cooking pans. Avoid using harsh metals such as knives or steel spatulas. Try using wooden spoons because they will not harm the coating surface of your pan.

  4. Clean them properly – To avoid any problems, always remember to clean them regularly. Don’t leave any food on them. For cleaning, use a soft sponge with some warm water, and you are good to go!

Well, maintenance requires hard work, since you have invested so much in them, it’s best to take care of them, right? Happy cooking!


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