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Elite Housewares - Crown of Home Decor & Storage Organizers

Elite Housewares is a thoughtful and rooted home decor and storage organizer brand for the UK and EU homeowners. We have tussled with the core issues of homeowners and offered them the right solution under their budget. Everyone wants his or her home to look beautiful and organized - so by combining the two forces, we have crafted some of the most innovative and creative home storage and decor solutions. 

Whether you have a messy bathroom or unorganized kitchen, we just have the right solution for you -

Storage Is Never an Issue - If you don’t know how to store the ever-expanding belongings of your family, you should not consider storage an issue because we can provide you with the compact and convenient storage solutions in one click. 

Home Decor Is Easy-Peasy - Is creativity, not your trait? Then, no need to stress, we have crafted stylish and simple home decor accessories that can illuminate your home with the shades of your personality. So, you don’t have to hire a professional to decorate your home as you can easily become a professional with the right products. 

Kitchen Storage Is Buttery Smooth - Your kitchen is the place where you spend the majority of your time, so that has to be a sheer reflection of perfection. With the cluster of kitchen storage units, you can start preparing for the next master today!

Bed and Bath Are your Personal Den - Bedroom, and bathroom are the two personal spaces in your home that have to be arranged systematically. When the clutter of clothes, shoes, and other belongings overcrowd your personal heaven, you just have to pick the spacious storage and trendy decors in two minutes. 

Elite Housewares Gems

We are an idealistic home decor and storage provider because we adhere to the real needs of our users. We know what you want, and we try our level best to offer the best quality products at affordable rates. 

Absolute Bed & Bathroom Accessories

You can organize your bathroom, style your bedroom and make your personal space beautiful with the gorgeous EHC bed and bathroom shades -

Bedroom Storage - Cute little bedside table, vintage trunk, or simple under bed storage basket can solve your bedroom storage needs. 

Comfy Throws - From your sofas to your beds - layer a comfortable throw to snuggle with daily. 

Bathroom Storage - Your loose towels, dirty clothes, and scattered toiletries - just need the right bathroom storage units

Decorative Accessories - Special touch of bedside tables, appealing bathroom mats, and other trendy decors can enhance the aesthetic appearance of your bed and bath instantly. 

Spacious Storage Organisers

You can’t ever have too much space in your home - with this beautiful thought; we have created a gorgeous and spacious storage organizer range to meet your all storage needs. 

Shop by Category - Do you want to organize your laundry? Or do you want to plan a lavishing family picnic? Just pick the storage boxes as per your needs. 

Shop by Room - Whether you want to make your hallways spacious or just want to add a new storage unit in your bedroom, shop storage products for each room. 

Trendy Home Decor 

Wow! If you want to make your guests speechless after feasting upon your home decor, you just need to order the intricate rugs, hand-knitted poufs, colorful cushion covers, soft throws, warm blankets, and so many other trendy home decor accessories. You can decorate your home like a pro with our collection. 

Functional Kitchen Range

You can easily organize and design your functional kitchen with a wide range of kitchen appliances, cookware, tableware, and storage accessories. From sorting your cooking ingredients to serving your guests - we have all the kitchen appliances and tools just for you. 

Exclusive Woodluv Collection 

For our loyal customers, we have designed a special Woodluv range where you will exactly get what you want? Sturdy and gorgeous MDF tables or comfortable bamboo cutting board - or whatever you need? In the Woodluv range, you will get it all with a special tag of exclusiveness - so if your needs are unique, you need special products to meet them. 

For a complete home decor and storage organizers, you have reached the right place.