About Us

We are Elite Housewares!
Where your house meets your home!

Elite Housewares was founded in April 2006, with a goal to provide high-quality home goods to the cost-conscious customer. Since then, we’ve been serving the UK and EU market with product range that makes home organization effortless. Our team of catalogue selectors comprise of real customers, who like to shop for good quality products for their home.

Our customers love our products because they’re durable, utilitarian, have good aesthetics, but despite all this, they’re extremely affordable.

Elite Housewares operates with an objective in mind - to provide highly innovative home design and storage products within an affordable range. We are into designing products that offer solutions for making clutter-free living spaces.


Our product range is designed for kitchens, bathrooms, closets, pantries and laundry spaces. Our diverse assortment of organization, storage closet, shelving and houseware accessories will offer you the best styles with prices you can easily afford. Our carpets for drawing areas, appliances for kitchen and shelving systems for the entire house will make home organization a fun and enjoyable activity for you.

As we are growing constantly, we take pride in offering dedicated customer solutions and innovative items and accessories for leading a more organized, stress-free and neat lifestyle.