Without the kids, the house seems empty, right? Who wouldn’t want to come back to smiling faces? But with this bundle of joy, also comes in a lot of work. From their needs to their wishes, a lot needs to be done. The kids’ room is their safe space, where they are what they want to be.

While kids’ rooms are important, a lot of thought goes into designing and arranging it. Because let’s face it- toys, clothes, shoes, tricycles and what not? Kids live like they have an army to lead! So how do you create creative storage options in such a way that the kids don’t feel claustrophobic and have enough room to go about. Well, some of these ways are listed down below:

Time to climb the ladder – Well, quite literally! Rest a ladder near the wall and then use it as an alternative and a fun space for storage. You can use it to align the kid’s toys, books and other things.

Use clear storage packs – An old trick but equally helpful. Buy a storage pack that has multiple cabinets with a clear window. You can categorize these different drawers according to different needs such as clothes, shoes, etc. You can also colour coordinate them.

Utilize the bulky furniture – Gone are the days when a bed was just a bed! You can use it creatively for storing all the bulky things of your kids, including folding pram, blankets, etc.

A pegboard – Put up a very colourful pegboard. Don’t consider it just as a showpiece that holds little things. You can use it smartly to hang knick-knacks, toiletries, utility items and a lot more.

Best out of the waste – Save a hole in your pocket by reusing the old boxes and racks playfully. You can paint them and then hang them on the walls. These can then work as storage spaces for your child’s soft toys, game boards, etc.

These tips are tried and tested, and they will surely help you in creating that perfect room for your child.

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