Tips to decorate your home with throws

Do you know that the right number of accessories can do wonders to your home décor? Today, with so much at hand, it becomes difficult to accessorize your home. However, minimalism is the trend, right? Some nice throws are a delightful way to decorate your house. They are stylish and super-affordable. With a little bit of intelligence and designing, you can use them to completely transfer the way your home looks. It’s all about the feel-good vibe. The best part about these throws is their versatility; they can be used in hundreds of ways. Some of which are listed down below-

  1. Use them to pop up your best furniture –  The entire idea of using the throws is to accessorize your furniture. You can go for bright warm colours that create colour contrast and make that elegant piece of sofa or couch pop up. Something that catches the eyes of your guest and adds that oomph to your living room.

  2. Chairs and stools – These are perhaps the most difficult pieces to stylize, given the small space they have. However, with the help of some small stylish yet elegant throws, you can actually stylize them just by draping them on the seat. You can go for some with hanging tassels so that it adds on to the comfy look of your chairs and stools.

  3. Play with the bed – Yes, you heard that right. You can use some longish warm throws to use them as a bed runner or even a like a drape for its edges. Don’t go for something really thick because that just adds to the bulkiness of your bed. You can use them as a blanket or just a showpiece that makes it all pretty.

  4. Hide and seek –  With the right throws, you can not only hide the dull boring bed sheet but also decorate your bed. Using a throw adds a touch of new to the old furniture and completely elevates your décor game.

On the bed, couch, chairs or even baskets, throws are perfect for every piece of furnishing. You can’t go wrong with them. Well, you don’t really need a designer to restyle your home, just a couple of throws, should be enough, right?